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A Guide to JAR-OPS
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A Guide to JAR-OPS

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'A Guide to JAR-OPS' covers:
  • General requirements
  • Operator's responsibilities
  • Operator certification & supervision
  • Operational procedures
  • All weather operations
  • Aeroplane performance
  • Helicopter performance
  • Mass & balance
  • Instruments & equipment
  • Communication & navigation equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Crew responsibilities
  • Flight crew
  • Cabin crew
  • Manuals, logs & records
  • Flight duty times & limitations
  • Transport of dangerous goods
  • Security

    'A Guide to JAR-OPS' by John Swan
    Written in a concise and easy to follow style this is a necessary publication for all pilots and aircraft operators in Europe.
    It is a carefully compiled book offering a complete knowledge of JAR-OPS necessary for the conversion of an existing JAA member state licence to a JAR licence and the operation of any civil aircraft in a JAA state.
    This edition edition includes the latest changes to JAR-OPS and covers the operational requirements of any civil aircraft operated by an operator whose main place of business is within a JAA member state for the purposes of commercial air transportation.
    It also covers the requirements for fixed and rotary wing helicopter operators.
    A requirement for the issue of a JAR pilot licence or the conversion of an existing JAA member state licence to a JAR licence is a knowledge of JAR-OPS. - 'A Guide to JAR-OPS' provides this knowledge.
    Soft. 99 pages.

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