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Instrument Flying

Instrument Flying

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With exercise charts, photographs, line drawings & tables throughout it covers:
  • Instrument Flight
  • Use of Radio Navigation Aids
  • Let Down and Approach Procedures
  • Airways Flight
  • How to pass the Instrument Rating Test

    'Instrument Flying' by David Hoy...
    This is the latest edition of the well known and highly regarded book that offers the definitive guide to the JAA Instrument Rating.

    In Northern Europe it is rare to see two consecutive days when the weather is perfect for flight without reference to instruments. If a pilot wants to operate in the greatest variety of weather conditions and airspace, he must be capable of interpreting the instruments and must know and understand the procedures that have been designed to safely transport an aircraft and its passengers from one airport to another, in even the most difficult of weather conditions and exacting of airspace.

    'Instrument Flying' is principally intended to help prepare a pilot to pass first time what is regarded as the most demanding flight test in the world, the JAA Instrument Rating.
    It also provides useful tips for general instrument flying and is a handy reference manual for pilots looking to renew their instrument qualifications.

    With the help of photographs, line drawings and tables throughout it covers the subjects of Instrument Flight, Use of Radio Navigation Aids, Let Down and Approach Procedures, Airways Flight and The Instrument Rating Test.

    With 25 exercise charts.
    Soft Binding. 255 pages.

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