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Le Guide VFR - VFR Flight Rules for France
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Le Guide VFR - VFR Flight Rules for France

Buy Le Guide VFR - VFR Flight Rules for France £15.95 

'VFR Flight Rules France' offers:
  • Fully updated information for foreign pilots
  • Procedures for entering & leaving French airspace
  • Procedures for all VFR flights in French airspace
  • Illustrations, maps & tables for clarity
  • Latest essential telephone numbers
  • Latest essential web addresses

    'VFR Flight Rules France' is an indispensable guide to VFR flying and procedures in France.

    It is not a flight guide but an essential accessory for any touring pilot, giving guidance in an easy to understand style about Air Law, Flight Rules, Rules of the Air, ATC procedures and all the other things a pilot needs to know to operate safely in French airspace.

    It is intended for those foreign pilots who wish to overfly or land in France and describes general and specific regulations for VFR flights relative to French airspace, procedures to enter or leave French airspace, aerodrome circuit joining procedures, information services for VFR flight.
    The bulk of French regulations comply with ICAO standards but there are some specific rules highlighted in this book.
    It's objective is to help private pilots prepare for and comply with all VFR flights in France.

    Fully updated and offering the latest essential contact telephone numbers and internet addresses.

    Illustrated with maps and tables as necessary.

    Soft. 58 pages.

    Buy Le Guide VFR - VFR Flight Rules for France

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