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PB-2 Pilot's Board
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PB-2 Pilot's Board

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The PB-2 A4 Pilot's Board is of rigid construction and finished in durable black leather grain PVC. The board features a strong central metal spring clip with to retain a flight log pad/landing diagrams etc, a reinforced eyelet for attaching a stopwatch clip and a flip-over clear plastic protective cover that can be used for marking with chinagraph pencils or water soluble and permanent felt markers. The PB-2 is overprinted on the front in white with a comprehensive flight log (including phonetic alphabet, distress signals, and a ruled section for observations and notes). The reverse includes side pockets to accomodate a 5" square protractor (CP-1, CP-2 or CP-3 models), up to 4 chinagraph pencils or felt marker pens and a central pocket to retain the NP-1 topographical chart plotter. All of which can then be easily and quickly accessed when the board is in use in the cockpit but keeping you clear of clutter.

PB-2 Pilot's Board
PB-2 Pilot's Board

Buy PB-2 Pilot's Board

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