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PPL Helicopter Study Pack
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PPL Helicopter Study Pack

Buy PPL Helicopter Study Pack £205.00 

The Pilot Warehouse 'PPL Helicopter Study Pack' comprises:
  • Helicopter Pilots Manual Vol 1
  • Helicopter Pilots Manual Vol 2
  • Air Pilots Manual Vol 2 - Aviation Law & Meteorology
  • Air Pilots Manual Vol 3 - Air Navigation
  • Air Pilots Manual Vol 6 - Human Factors
  • Flight navigation computer
  • Chart Scale
  • 5" Square Protractor
  • Pilot's Logbook
  • 1:500,000 Chart of your area (specify Southern England, Northern England or Scotland)
  • Radio Telephony Course Triple CD pack
  • Pilot's Kneeboard
  • A5 Flight Log Pad
  • Pilot's Flight Case

    The PPL Helicopter Study Pack comprises the essential items for the study and completion of the JAR PPL(H) Course.
    It includes the following items that have been carefully selected and are the latest publications / edtions available:

    When ordering the PPL Helicopter Study Pack, please remember to specify which UK Chart you would like, customers from abroad may specify a chart of another country.

    Buy PPL Helicopter Study Pack

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