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Boeing 737-300 / Go DVD

Boeing 737-300 / Go DVD

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The 'Boeing 737-300 / Go DVD' features:
  • Full colour throughout
  • Digital video ensuring highest quality pictures
  • Digital editing
  • Multi-camera shots
  • Digital stereo audio sound of Air Traffic Control
  • Complete flight-deck interaction
  • Contains chapter points & menus
  • Jump facility to favourite point
  • 90 minutes duration

    Join Go on a round trip from London Stansted to Lisbon, Portugal with Captain John Mahon and First Officer Joe Wholihan

    Intelligent Television and Video are proud to present one of the most popular aircraft in production today, the Boeing 737-300, presented by Captain John Mahon and First Officer Joe Wholihan. The flight that you will follow is the first revenue flight of G-IGOM having only been delivered to Go two days earlier from Boeing.

    Colour. Running time 90 minutes.

    Brand New Aircraft....
    You will join John and Joe at London Stansted airport (EGSS) for a round trip to Lisbon in Portugal, on this brand new aircraft. We depart from Stansted runway 23, callsign Go Flight 301, for our journey with John as Pilot Flying. Once in the cruise, John takes time to give you an extensive tour of the flightdeck and reveals many details about the systems. Some of the systems covered include: EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) which incorporate the EADI (Electronic Attitude Director Indicator), EHSI (Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator. John also explains the RDMI (Radio Direction Magnetic Indicator) and takes a detailed look at the Engine Instruments. We then make our approach to Lisbon using runway 03. Once on the ground, join John for his pre-flight walk-round as the crew prepare for the return sector.

    Flight Management Computer....
    On our return journey, Joe is Pilot flying as we again take-off on runway 03. Once established in the cruise, John again takes you through some instruments including the FMC (Flight Management Computer) and a very detailed look at the system pages of the FMC which includes: Progress, Climb, Cruise, Descent, Legs, Approach, Reference, Route, Direct Intercept, Departures/Arrivals and the Hold Pages.

    Auto Thrust System....
    We then move on to look at the Auto Thrust System which includes a demonstration about how the system maintains thrust settings on each engine. After showing the Trim wheels and a guided tour of the MCP (Mode Control Panel), which houses systems such as the Flight Director and Autopilot, we then start our descent back to Stansted for an approach to runway 23. Hear the Air Traffic Control for our flights and follow the checklists as you discover the features of the B737-300.

    Full Digital Edit....
    The programme was produced using seven cameras and was recorded and edited utilising ITVV's full digital, stereo broadcast facilities.

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