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Kestrel Wind Speed Meter
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Kestrel Wind Speed Meter

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The Kestrel Wind Speed Meter is an affordable pocket-sized anemometer which gives readings within 3% accuracy in the temperature range 15 to 50ºC. High precision jewel bearings and a lightweight impeller provide accurate wind flow measurements even at low speeds, making it possible to check the windspeed at the airfield before you take off.
The meter will measure speed, maximum speed and average speed in knots, metres/second, KPH, and MPH, providing a clear read-out on the LCD screen.

The unit is made from durable injection moulded plastic and will float if accidentally dropped in water.
Supplied with sturdy carry case, wrist strap and 400 hour battery.

Easily carried in a pocket or flight case.

Kestrel Wind Speed Meter

Buy Kestrel Wind Speed Meter

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