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Navbox ProPlan  5.2
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Navbox ProPlan 5.2

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The computer system requirements for ProPlan are:
  • P.C.
  • Pentium processor
  • Windows 98 or higher operating system
  • 16mb RAM minimum

    NavBox have been producing flight planning software for more than a decade and during this period the products have found wide acceptance in the world of private and corporate pilots. NavBox software is used throughout Europe and has even seen action with peace keeping forces providing vital flight planning support.
    Many corporate flight departments have embraced this software and accountants have welcomed the pricing!

    Navbox 'ProPlan' features weight and balance reports, ICAO flight reports and extra PLOG layouts in addition to all the features of the QuickPlan software (featured seperately).
    By clicking on airfields and beacons you can select the route of your choice, including waypoints - your screen will also show you tracks, headings, ground speeds, times, fuels, costs and totals. The ProPlan database covers all European airfields including FIRs, country borders, coast lines and magnetic variation. Reports include weight and balance, ICAO flight plan, multiple navigation log formats and climb and descent planning.
    Printable maps show all CTRs, SRZs, ATZs, Airways and VFR routes.

    ProPlan also includes GPS interfaces for:
    Garmin models: eMap, eTrex, GPS 12, GPS 12 CX, GPS 12 map, GPS 12 XL, GPS 55, GPS 55 AVD, GPS 76, GPS 89, GPS 90, GPS 92, GPS 95 AVD, GPS 95 XL, GPS 100 AVD, GPS II, GPS II plus, GPS III, GPS III pilot, GPS III plus, GPS com 190, GPS map 195, GPS map 196, GPS map 295, 296 Street Pilot.
    Skyforce models: KMD 150, Skymap II, Skymap III C, Tracker II

    Navbox ProPlan  5.2


    Buy Navbox ProPlan  5.2

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