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The latest AIM/FAR book offers:
  • An easy-to-read, easy-to-use format
  • All changes highlighted and explained
  • FAA Flight Forum excerpts
  • Important facilities directory: FAA, NTSB, Senate and House, FSDO, State Aviation Officials & more
  • VOT sites and frequencies
  • Pilot/Controller glossary
  • Study suggestions for test and flight review
  • Quick reference index
  • Unabridged text of AIM including multiple graphics

    This is the annual "must have" reference for any pilots flying in the USA.
    It contains all the FEDERAL AVIATION REGULATIONS (FAR) and AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION (AIM) in one publication. It is ideal for FAA exam cross references for Private, Commercial, Instrument, CFI, CFII and Airline Transport.

    Adhering to a reputation for excellence, this definitive manual of the latest civil aviation directives has been fully updated and indexed to clearly reflect all the changes in the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and the Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) over the past year. In addition to the regulations, AIM procedures, and redrawn AIM illustrations, this re-typeset edition also includes a study guide for specific pilot certifications and ratings, a pilot/controller glossary, the NASA Aviation Safety reporting form, important FAA contact information
    FAR/AIM books have been the standard regulatory reference of the industry for more than 20 years.
    The FAA regulations and procedures are consolidated into this easy to use reference book of information for pilots, flight crew and aviation maintenance technicians.
    Shows changes since the last release marked clearly for quick reference and indexed to provide clear, intuitive access to subject matter and paragraph number or regulation.
    In the FAR/AIM book, the AIM is reproduced with detailed multiple graphics. The regulations and AIM are completely re-typeset for easier reading and a suggested study list of regulations and AIM paragraphs is included for specific certificates or ratings.
    The FAR/AIM contains helpful lists of FAA, NTSB and FSDO addresses and telephone numbers.
    A combined FAR/AIM index is also included.

    Softback, 1072 pages.

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