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Instant Wind Forecasting by Alan Watts
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Instant Wind Forecasting by Alan Watts

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This book is the perfect companion to 'Instant Weather Forecasting', both worldwide bestsellers.

Its easily accessible format will help all pilots. It offers a quick reference guide using a revolutionary presentation to make meaningful predictions about what the wind wil do based on the look of the sky and the feel of the day.
It is a practical book that you can take with you to supplement and amplify the forecasts you hear and see.

Radio, TV and aviation meteorological forecasts will only give the general trend of the wind's direction and speed; the actual wind may easily be made very different by the terrain or by being near the coast.

'Instant Wind Forecasting' is not a textbook on the wind. There is very little deep explanation here - just enough to make it understandable. It is designed to be a kind of 'instant guide to winds'. This approach may appeal to all those who are daunted by long-winded explanations.
It demands very little in the way of meteorological knowledge but will always be of great usefullness and interest to pilots at all levels flying fixed, rotary, balloons or airship craft.

Full colour throughout.
Soft. 120 pages.

Buy Instant Wind Forecasting by Alan Watts

Instant Weather Forecasting by Alan Watts
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