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Instant Weather Forecasting by Alan Watts
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Instant Weather Forecasting by Alan Watts

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Looking at the sky and forecasting the weather is the traditional pastime of farmers, shepherds and sailors. Some possess an uncanny knowledge of the subject when they know a locality well. But we can all become forecasters of the weather with the aid of a little meteorology.
This revolutionary book of 24 colour cloud pictures is a guide to predicting the weather in the hours ahead and has been consistently poular with pilots at all levels and flying all types of craft. It also provides helpful information on what the likely weather trends will be. It will enable the user to foretell, with reasonable accuracy, whether it will rain or blow, not change much, or perhaps clear up soon.
Everyone can use it, whether you are student or qualified pilot, sportsman holidaymaker, walker, sailor, angler or farmer.
The photographs are arranged to show skies associated with bad weather, with no immediate change, with sudden change, with temporary deterioration and with improvement. The introduction explains how to use the pictures, while the actual forecasts are set out in tables facing each photograph.
A particularly useful feature of the book is the author's prediction of time in relation to change, which is the result of considerable experience and observation. This brilliant tried and tested approach to forecasting will enable everyone to play the forecasting game.
Soft. 64 pages.

Buy Instant Weather Forecasting by Alan Watts

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