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Radio Telephony Manual (CAP 413)
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Radio Telephony Manual (CAP 413)

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'CAP 413' is:
  • The definitive reference source for Radio Telephony Procedures
  • The principal reference source for the UK Radio Telephony examination
  • Ideal to use in conjunction with the 'Double Radio Telephony CD' linked below
  • Issued by flying training establishments throughout the UK
  • Published in loose-leaf format

    'CAP 413' is the definitive book upon which the UK Radio Telephony examination is based.

    It is published by the UK Civil Aviation Authority and complies with the international standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation.
    CAP 413 is the standard work of reference for the examination for the Flight Radio Telephony Operators (Restricted) Licence and is issued in flying training organisations throughout the United Kingdom.
    The examples of phraseology in this handbook are intended to be representative of radiotelephony procedures in common use.
    It's level is principally Private Pilot although it is a useful source of reference and revision for students and pilots at all levels.
    Supplied in a loose-leaf binder. 168 pages.

    A supplement to CAP 413 many students and pilots find that using the 'Airspeak Double Radio Telephony Audio CDs' make learning Radio Telephony much easier as they can be played at your leisure in the car or at home and bring Radio Telephony (and CAP 413!) 'to life'.

    These recordings take you through all Radio Telephony procedures and practices and have been carefully scripted and presented to help the learning and familiarisation process. They assume no pre-knowledge and offer the best opportunity for passive learning, updated revision for the experienced pilot and will also assist pilots holding a foreign licence.
    The 'Airspeak Double CD package' and CAP 413 are available separately or combined as the 'RT Learning Package' - linked below.
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    Radio Telephony Manual (CAP 413)

    Buy Radio Telephony Manual (CAP 413)

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