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E6-B Aluminium Flight Computer

E6-B Aluminium Flight Computer

Buy E6-B Aluminium Flight Computer £27.95 

This is the most popular metal flight computer on the market and it most often used for the United States FAA PPL navigation exams. As a consequence it is normally the choice for anyone choosing to do their Private Pilot Licence in the United States.
On the wind side it has a wind component grid and comprehensive crosswind correctio chart and on the calculator side it computes time, speed, distance, altitude, true airspeed and density altitude problems. Nautical and Statute scales are included together with a comprehensive instruction booklet.
The use of the E6-B is explained and illustrated comprehensively in 'The Pilot's Manual Vol 2' one of the most popular text books for PPL theory and written to accord with the US FAA PPL syllabus.
This book is also available from Pilot Warehouse (See 'Flight Training in United States' section on this website).

Buy E6-B Aluminium Flight Computer

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