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PFA 1997 - Zero 4 Grass

PFA 1997 - Zero 4 Grass

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The 1997 Rally saw nearly 2000 aircraft attending from all over the UK and Europe. The B-17 drew much interest - there's an interview with the co-pilot and a look around the cockpit. We look at 2 Jodels - one 'money no object' and the other utilising everything from central heating pipes to BMX bike cables! The minicam gives a different perspective of a Fournier, Jodel and a Luton Minor Duet, the only one of its type and built by a PFA chairman. The airshow coverage includes: Turbulents, Spitfire, Hornet Moth, Grumman Avenger, Percival Mew Gull, Extra 300s, Yak 50 and much more. Colour. 60 minutes.

Buy PFA 1997 - Zero 4 Grass

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