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Into IMC - An Overview  - DVD

Into IMC - An Overview - DVD

Buy Into IMC - An Overview  - DVD £36.95 

Subjects covered on this recording include:
  • Full & partial panel flying at all altitudes
  • Unusual attitude recovery
  • VOR & ADF tracking
  • ILS approach
  • Racetrack joins
  • A vacuum pump failure
  • Classroom briefings

    The highly reputable and experienced instructor, John Nicholson takes you through an overview of the IMC course.
    All PPLs wishing to enhance their flying skills and those embarking on an IMC or instrument flying course will benefit greatly from this recording.
    Subjects covered include: Full and partial panel flying at all altitudes, Unusual attitude recovery, VOR & ADF tracking, ILS approaches,Race track joins, and a genuine vacuum pump failure. 'Into IMC' also offers ample classroom briefings and much more.
    Colour. Running time approximately 90 minutes.

    Into IMC - An Overview  - DVD

    Buy Into IMC - An Overview  - DVD

    This recording is included in the 'IMC Training Package' that many people choose as a complete 'learning kit' for the IMC rating.
    Air Pilot's Manual Vol 5 - Radio Navigation and Instrument Flying
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    IMC Training Package with 'Into IMC' DVD
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