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How To Become an Airline Pilot
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How To Become an Airline Pilot

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'How To Become an Airline Pilot' offers comprehensive information on:
  • An overview of your objective
  • A Day in the Life of an Airline Pilot.
  • Starting your career journey
  • Which School to choose
  • Raising funds needed for training
  • Your CV - Your Advertising Tool
  • Get that Interview - Your Route to Success
  • Airline Training.
  • Salary and Perks
  • Your Career Plan

    'How To Become an Airline Pilot' by Lee Woolaston....
    ...written by a current serving airline pilot with a major UK airline and highly experienced flying instructor 'How To Become an Airline Pilot' is a new and authoratitive guide on what is required to progress along the path to achieve your chosen and highly rewarding career.

    It includes interview samples and styles of psychological, personal background, technical, psychometric, personality, aptitude, numeracy, spatial and verbal reasoning questions you are likely to encounter.
    It also contains detailed information on the flight simulator and flight detail assessments.

    In ten comprehensive and informative chapters it presents you with the facts about what it is actually like being an airline pilot and its demands and requirements.

    Soft. 122 pages

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