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David Clark H10-60
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David Clark H10-60

Buy David Clark H10-60 £305.50 

  • Headband plated steel meets military specs
  • Headset pressure adjustment
  • Headband locknut allows the setting of vertical adjustment for a perfect fit
  • Dome and stirrup swivels provide universal fit for ear domes to the side of the head
  • Flo-Fit Gel earseals
  • Shock and vibration resistant earphone mountings
  • Earphones wired in parallel for reliability and safety should one fail in flight

    This is the top of the line non-active David Clark headset. Pecision engineered for a self customizing unit with many exclusive features, including headset pressure adjustment, three cord selections, boom guide lock etc.

    Noise reduction rating of 23dBs.

    New headband with soft-foam air-flow pillow assures comfort and eliminates hotspots

    Dual volume controls
    High impact domes
    Shielded cords to prevent RFI or
    EMI interference
    Patented combination flex/wire boom for easy, precise mic placement
    Boom guide lock
    M-7A amplified electret mic gives clear crisp transmission.
    Straight cord.

    Buy David Clark H10-60

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