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RC Allen RCA 2600-2 Digital Attitude Gyro

RC Allen RCA 2600-2 Digital Attitude Gyro

Buy RC Allen RCA 2600-2 Digital Attitude Gyro £3,480.00 

  • Key Feature A Direct Replacement for any Electric Attitude Gyro
  • Warranty 2 Years
  • Dimensions: 2 1/4 Inch (57mm)
  • Weight 8.5oz

    The RCA 2600 Series Digital Attitude Gyros are the same size as traditional horizons and can be easily installed in a standard panel cut out. The fully adjustable LCD screen is bright and highly visible.

    There are two models to choose from; The RC 2600-2, which is a 2 inch instrument and the RCA 2600-3, which is a 3 inch instrument. The RCA 2600 is FAA TSO-C4c certified and is designed to be a direct replacement for any Electric Attitude indicator. It is totally electronic and contains no mechanical gyro. With no moving parts, the instrument will have a longer lifespan than traditional gyro instruments. These light weight instruments are ideal for light sport and home built applications.

    The precision and stability qualities of these instruments also make them suitable for larger aviation applications such as business aircraft and rotorcraft. The RCA 2600 is capable of aerobatic type maneuvers with a full 360 degrees of pitch and roll without the typical "tumbling" of mechanical gyros and without any harm to the instrument. Similar to Kelly's RCA 26EK Series Horizon gyro and RCA 15EK Series Directional gyro, the RCA 2600 Series instrument is multi-volt and can be installed in either a 14 volt or 28 volt aircraft. The unit is self-contained and installs just like a standard horizon.

    Buy RC Allen RCA 2600-2 Digital Attitude Gyro

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