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One Dry Wash
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One Dry Wash

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  • Onedrywash is a revolutionary new way to wash your aircraft - or your car, van, motorcycle, caravan
  • The unique, waterless, way to wash and polish your aircraft
  • Forget the hosepipe, bucket, sponge and chamois leather
  • It uses no water makes no mess, can be used outside or in the hangar
  • Just one application cleans and polishes your aircraft to a gleaming finish
  • Removes dirt and grime in seconds
  • Each 500ml bottles saves one ton of water
  • Cleans all surfaces - bodywork, alloys, chrome and glass

    Removes dirt and grime in minutes

    Onedrywash was created to wash aircraft in the desert and apply a polish which increases fuel efficiency. Now it enables you to fly around your plane and leave it spotless. It effortlessly cleans all surfaces, whether it's bodywork, alloys, chrome or glass.

    You simply spray on, gently wipe in and allow to dry for a few seconds or minutes (depending on the temperature) then wipe off with a second clean cloth. While the spray is drying, it lifts the dirt and grime from the surface and suspends it in the drying liquid. When you wipe it off, the dirt and grime doesn't touch the bodywork so it leaves no scratches or marks. All you are left with is a layer of polish and a clean, shiny plane.

    Onedrywash isn't just easy to use, it's easy on the environment too. Because it uses no water (other than the compound itself) you're not extracting hundreds of litres of water out of your nearest reservoir every time you wash your plane. Nor are you washing harmful soaps and suds into the water system.

    Each bottle of Onedrywash saves one ton or 1,200 litres of water, about 40 showers worth. No wonder it has been endorsed by South East Water and has won the Waterwise Marque for water efficiency.

    Box Contents
    # 500ml bottle Onedrywash
    # 2 micro fibre cloths
    # 2 latex gloves

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