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Pilot's Manual: Flight School
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Pilot's Manual: Flight School

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This new, hardcover 4th Edition has been updated throughout to reflect current rules and Practical Test Standards. Also includes new information on LSA/Sport Pilot, Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) and glass cockpits, airport markings/signs, and much more.

Time is money in an airplane and with an instructor. The Pilot's Manual: Flight School will save readers on both as they progress through their Private and Commercial certificates. Flight instructors tell students which maneuvers will be covered in the next lesson; student can then prepare themselves by reading the relevant chapters and working the reviews.

The book can also be used with the post-flight briefing, to consolidate what students practiced in the air. Flight instructors will benefit from better-prepared students, and students will benefit from more progress in their flight training. Full-color, illustrated throughout, glossary and index,

Hardback, 600 pages.

Buy Pilot's Manual: Flight School

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