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Flight Instructor's Manual, 4th Edition
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Flight Instructor's Manual, 4th Edition

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Major topics:
  • Fundamentals of Flight Instruction
  • Presolo Instruction
  • First Solo to the Private Certificate
  • Advances VFR Instruction
  • Introduction to Aerobatic Instruction
  • Instrument Instruction

    The new and updated fourth edition of The Flight Instructor's Manual is an invaluable reference for those working on the flight instructor certificate and serves as an indispensable guide for the new instructor.

    The book is organized so each chapter can be used as a stand-alone reference for a particular phase of instruction. The information parallels the material presented in The Student Pilot's Flight Manual, The Advanced Pilot's Flight Manual, The Basic Aerobatic Manual, and The Instrument Flight Manual, allowing The Flight Instructor's Manual to serve as a "how to instruct" guide rather than a comprehensive textbook on the basics.

    Softback, 503 pages

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