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DHC-1 Chipmunk
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DHC-1 Chipmunk

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The 'DHC-1 Chipmunk' book is:
  • The world's definitive text on the Chipmunk
  • Finely case bound with full colour dust jacket
  • 625 B & W & Colour photographs
  • Detailed line drawings throughout
  • Full history of the Chipmunk in Canada
  • Full history of the Chipmunk in the UK
  • Full history of the Chipmunk in Portugal
  • Full history of the Chipmunk in Australia
  • 440 fascinating pages
  • Four world renowed expert authors!

    Designed by de Havilland Canada at the end of WWII to replace the DH82 Tiger Moth, the DHC-1 Chipmunk had a modest start.
    First flown on May 22, 1946 it was hoped that this new trainer would be adopted by military and civil training schools throughout the British Commonwealth.

    Faced with strong headwinds including post war foreign currency restrictions, a massive supply of 'cheap' surplus wartime trainers and an undeserved reputation regarding spinning, this sprightly trainer based on full fighter characteristics had a slow birth, but over the fullness of time has grown to become an iconic aviation legend affectionately known as the 'Chippie' or 'Poor Man's Spitfire' because of its superb handling.For the first time, the rich history of the Chipmunk has been told by those well equipped to tell the story. Authors Hugh Shields, Rod Brown, Jose Munkelt Goncalves and Rod Blievers, all Chipmunk owners or pilots, have joined to produce an authoritative work on the type which recognizes its place as one of the preeminent primary trainers in aviation history.

    Hailing from countries where the 'Chippie' served in large numbers including Canada, Great Britain, Portugal and Australia, each author offers a unique perspective on the types experience around the world.

    With 448 pages plus over 500 B&W and 125 colour photographs and a forward to the Canadian section by DHC test pilot George Neal, this definitive work on what has proven to be the longest serving basic trainer ever produced, will be a welcome addition to any aviation enthusiasts collection.

    The ' DHC-1 Chipmunk' book has been superbly researched and compiled by it's four highly experienced authors:

    Hugh Shields... first learnt to fly on the pedestrian C-150 and 172 in 1987, following which he acquired his tail wheel endorsement on the FL-80 Fleet Canuck. Upon retirement from the golf business in 2001, he purchased derelict ex RCAF Chipmunk 18011. Following completion of an extensive ground up rebuild, the restoration flight took place on February 29, 2004. Favoured with the Judges Choice Award at Oshkosh in the same year, Hugh continues to fly CF-CYE, enjoys researching the history of the Chipmunk and is the Director of Vintage Aircraft for a regional air show.

    Rod Brown... learnt to fly on a Tiger Moth whilst in the RAF as an engine technician in 1959. Instructing since 1985, he has accumulated over 9000 hours. An Examiner on the DHC-1, he has occupied the position of CFI to the Denham School of Flying for over 10 years. His longstanding service was recently recognized with Rod receiving the AOPA Instructor of the Year Award for 2009. The DHC-1 has been a favourite of Rod's for over 50 years, including the historical and technical side, such that he has become a well known source of information to owners all over the world.

    Jose Munkelt... Goncalves started his aviation career flying gliders in 1977. Joining the Portuguese Air force in 1980 he flew aircraft ranging from Chipmunks to the Lockheed T-33. Returning to civilian life in 1986 after 4 years as a Chipmunk instructor he joined TAP Air Portugal and has flown their Boeing 727, 737, Airbus A310, 320 and now flies the A330 on long haul routes. In 1995 he founded the Aero Fenix Museum to acquire, rebuild and fly classic aircraft.

    Rod Blievers... first learnt to fly in Chipmunks with the Royal Aero Club of WA in 1961. He didn't then re-discover the Chipmunk until nearly 30 years later; this experience re-ignited his love affair with the type, eventually leading to purchasing and restoring an ex-RAF example. Research evolved into an interest of the type's history, particularly in the Australian context. After a commercial career of 37 years flying aircraft such as the F.27, DC-9, Boeing 727, 737, 747 and 777, Rod now instructs airline cadets in Lear 45's.

    Some reviews of the 'DHC-1 Chipmunk - The Poor Man's Spitfire' from around the world...

    I was privileged to have played a part in the early development flying of the prototype Chipmunk, demonstrating, and now owning one, so I share Hugh's love for this aircraft and its history. Reading this story brings back many pleasant memories of both the aeroplane and the men I worked with to make this dream come true. Well done Hugh!

    George Neal, Chief Test Pilot DHC (Ret'd)...

    There have been many good books about many types of aircraft, but this is without any question one of the most comprehensive and thoroughly researched monographs ever to grace the shelves of the aviation enthusiast. It provides a wealth of historical information for the serious student, a level of data that is sufficient to satisfy the most ardent rivet-counter, and enough pictorial evidence to keep us modellers happily employed for the rest of our lives.

    Air Vice Marshall Brian Huxley CB CBE RAF (Ret'd)...

    Wow! Clearly the definitive treatise on the Chipmunk, chock full of photos never published before and with prose engagingly novel-like. A treasure for 'Chipmunkers' like me, and surely for any 'true-blue' aviation enthusiast. The authors captured a wealth of fascinating facts, and in the telling, the endearing but mischievous personality of this remarkable aircraft!...

    Bob Fassold, Major General, Canadian Forces (Ret'd)...

    Beautifully bound in hard cover with full colour dust jacket. 500 Black and White, 125 colour photographs and line drawings throughout. 440 pages.

    DHC-1 Chipmunk
    DHC-1 Chipmunk
    DHC-1 Chipmunk

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