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'On Top' IFR Proficiency Simulator (9.5)
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'On Top' IFR Proficiency Simulator (9.5)

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'On Top' features these 10 aerodynamically precise aircraft:
  • Cessna 172 Skyhawk
  • Cessna 182 Skylane
  • Cessna 182R Skylane RG
  • Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II
  • Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow IV
  • Lancair Columbia 300
  • Mooney MSE
  • Beech Bonanza V-35
  • Beech Baron 58 Twin
  • Beech 1900 Twin Turboprop

    Whether you are a desktop' pilot, in training for a Private Pilot Licence, doing instrument flying practice or IMC/Instrument Rating training the 'On-Top' IFR Proficiency Simulator provides all pilots with the opportunity to refine decision-making, risk management and judgment skills before putting them to the test in real flight.

    'On Top' is fully updated to reflect today's Technically Advanced Aircraft (TAA) with the inclusion of a Garmin(TM) G1000-style glass cockpit primary flight display (PFD) in the Cessna 182. A Reality XP Garmin 430 GPS is now available in the Cessna 172, Mooney, Bonanza and Baron aircraft. Also included with On Top 9.5 is FlightPrep's PlateView program, providing electronic approach plates for U.S. airports. This is a much-requested item and pilots will now have the approach information at their fingertips for their flight simulation sessions.

    'On Top' features:

    'On Top' includes an accurate rendering of ten aircraft - Cessna 172 Skyhawk, Cessna 182 Skylane, Cessna 182R Skylane RG, Piper PA-28-161 Warrior II, Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow IV, Lancair Columbia 300, Mooney MSE, Beech Bonanza V-35, Beech Baron 58 Twin, Beech 1900 Twin Turboprop.
    Each aircraft has panel options - pilots can choose an HI or HSI, an ADF or RMI, add a moving map or GPS, an attitude indicator or flight director. Fly a conventional 6-pack cockpit or a glass-cockpit featuring a G1000-like PFD.

    Fly any approach in the world with the worldwide database. View the approach plate with a click of a button using FlightPrep's PlateView program.
    Simulate truly realistic flights by programming the weather to suit your needs. Set up conditions that replicate the forecast for your next flight; set up the weather to improve, deteriorate, or change randomly to add unpredictable turbulence, ceilings, clouds, and winds.
    Set instrument and equipment malfunctions to fail predictably or randomly to maximize emergency procedures training.
    Flight information is recorded and mapped for every flight in overhead and profile views. Save and replay these flights for later evaluation, or re-fly portions of the flight under different conditions.
    Users can challenge themselves with hard IFR weather, systems malfunctions, and engine failures, while the venture outside the narrow channels of training days to get more out of their instrument/IMC rating.

    'On Top' detailed specification:

    Real-world fidelity is the key in 'On Top', an IFR simulator with stunningly accurate flight dynamics, every airport and navaid, photo-realistic graphics, Real-World Weather and the first true-to-life instrument failures ever designed for a PC. 'On To'p gives every pilot the "virtual arena" he or she needs to practice their hard-won skills of scan, procedure and spatial awareness.

    It's About Realism...
    At the heart of 'On Top' you'll find five of the most popular aircraft ever built. There's a Cessna C172, C182 and C182RG, and Piper's Warrior and Arrow. Also included are the Lancair Columbia 300, the Mooney MSE, and Beechcraft's Bonanza V-35, Beechcraft Baron 58, and Beech's 1900D twin-turboprop. Each model utilizes precise flight dynamic algorithms, right down to the deadly assymetrical thrust you'll experience should you lose an engine in the Baron.

    Now, you can test your skills against the reality of single-engine IMC in a light twin, or a twin-engine turboprop. This and other aircraft setup parameters are available for all aircraft.

    Each aircraft panel is rendered with a next-generation graphics technology that makes every gauge, pointer, tick-mark and knob on your panel as true-to-life as a computer can create. Couple the "Photo-realistic" graphics effect with On Top's precise mimicry of real aircraft instrumentation and you're as immersed in your simulated flights as you are in your actual flights.

    There are realistic sound effects, like radio idents, marker beacons, gear and flap extension, and tire sounds. You'll find panoramic out-the-window views, accurate runway lighting and haze layering. You'll even see the rivets across your wings as you look right or left on a circling approach, all with enough realism to make you sweat!

    It's About Flexibility...
    Full instrumentation, like programmable GPS, HSI, RMI, Moving Map and auto pilot is just half of it. In On Top, you decide what instruments you fly with, and you decide where they'll go. Some IFR simulators decide years before you ever get your copy what kind of equipment you'll fly with and where it will go in your panel, but in 'On' Top you can change it every time.

    'On Top's' Real-World Weather is as variable as tomorrow's weather. Define winds aloft and then surface winds, then dial in degree of swing and speed of gusts. Create turbulence, cloud bases and visibility with as much variability as you can handle, so you'll never know if you'll have to fly the missed approach until you get to the bottom of the funnel. And best of all, make your virtual conditions stable, deteriorating, improving or randomly changing, over any given time frame to simulate that all-important decision-making skill at decision height.

    It's About Learning From Every Flight...
    In the real world, getting your procedures down pat with a methodical and practiced scan is just the beginning, and there's always more to learn. Are you ready for a vacuum failure on a bumpy IMC night? IFR simulators of the past have always had some sort of instrument failure capability, but those failed instruments just rolled over and died. The designers of 'On Top' wanted you to recognize an imminent failure, cope with it and survive, so they created Realistic Instrument Failures. As chillingly real as failures in actual flight, each of these is modeled after the way instruments actually behave. A failed vacuum system will slowly tumble your gyro instruments, daring you to follow them into the ground. Program the system or instruments you want to practice failures on, over any time period, or let the computer generate failures at random. Either way, you'll heighten your awareness every time you fly.

    When it's time to review and learn from your experiences, 'On Top's' map screen will give you all the information you need to be your own best judge. Whether it was an IFR cross country, an ILS into O'Hare or an NDB approach into a local one-hangar field, every detail of your flight track and profile is there.
    You can replay your flight, save your flight, or back up to any point along the track and execute it again. If you make a mistake, or simply want to lower the weather parameters, you can re-fly any flight or approach directly from the map.

    Minimum System Requirements

    Windows-compatible processor (AMD or Intel), 800 MHz or faster (Win2000 & WinXP), 1.0 Ghz or faster (Vista)
    Windows 2000, XP Home or Professional (32bit version), Windows Vista (32bit version; Business & Enterprise versions are not supported) operating systems*
    Minimum 256 MB System RAM (Win2000/XP), 512MB (Vista)
    400 MB available hard drive space (minimum install)
    CD-ROM drive (4x or faster for minimum install)
    DVD-ROM drive required for adding PlateView regions (up to 2.2 GB for all US regions); a DVD-ROM drive is not required to run On Top without PlateView
    DirectX Version 9.0c, (included on the OT9 CD)
    Direct-X compatible video card with 32 MB minimum video memory; 128MB recommended for running the Instructor Station (dual-monitor, i.e., extended desktop)
    Monitor and video card driver supporting 1024x768 minimum screen resolution
    DirectX-compatible sound card and speakers
    Mouse or other compatible pointing device
    Joystick or yoke

    The images below show (from left): Weather Configuration Panel, Beech 1900 On Short Final & Map Configuration Panel.

    'On Top' IFR Proficiency Simulator (9.5)
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    'On Top' IFR Proficiency Simulator (9.5)
    Click to Enlarge

    'On Top' IFR Proficiency Simulator (9.5)
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    Buy 'On Top' IFR Proficiency Simulator (9.5)

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