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VFR Manual Jeppesen - GOLF
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VFR Manual Jeppesen - GOLF

The 'GOLF' VFR Manual covers:
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Switzerland

    The Jeppesen Airfield Manuals (formerly 'Bottlang') are a loose-leaf system for the preparation, planning and execution of flights within Europe under Visual Flight Rules.
    They are the perfect solution providing current airfield and planning information for pilots flying VFR around Europe.

    All manuals are supplied in high quality loose-leaf ring binders allowing individual plates to be transferred to a pilot's board or mounted on the yoke.They contain a general section and country related parts with Communications, Meteorology, Regulations, Aerodrome Directory as well as Colour Visual Approach, Landing and Area Charts for all available airports (clearly defining circuit patterns, runway layouts, visual reporting points, ATZs (Aerodrome Traffic Zones), VFR corridors, CTAs (Control Areas), CTRs (Control Zones) and SRAs (Special Rules Areas).

    A Special Notes Section provides details of the latest NOTAMS and VFR Topographical, Aerodrome and Area Chart information and a General Information Section includes a revision record for the manual, chart glossary, aeronautical abbreviations, conversion and sunrise/sunset tables, meteorology, international regulations and emergency procedures.

    Jeppesen VFR Airfield Manuals are supported by the internationally renowned Jeppesen database and include a monthly revision service (posted to your address) to keep vital aviation information (including constantly changing frequencies, airspace regulations and ground planning information) completely up to date.

    Now produced on lighter weight paper and with the same format and punched holes as the Jeppesen IFR charts the new VFR Airfield Manuals offer the facility to easily merge IFR and VFR information in one binder

    Also available as a 'Trip Kit' without a revision service or binder ideal for a 'one-off' trip (this can be chosen on the options below).

    Please allow up to 10 days for delivery.

    VFR Manual Jeppesen - GOLF
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    VFR Manual Jeppesen - GOLF
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    VFR Manual Jeppesen - GOLF
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    VFR Manual Jeppesen - GOLF £149.00 Buy VFR Manual Jeppesen - GOLF
    GOLF Trip Kit - No Binder or Revisions £77.00 Buy VFR Manual Jeppesen - GOLF

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