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Aerospace Lifejacket
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Aerospace Lifejacket

Buy Aerospace Lifejacket £79.60 each

The 'Aerospace Lifjejacket' features:
  • 20 year service life
  • 10 year service interval
  • Welded construction
  • Automatic inflation
  • Oral inflation tube
  • Water activated sea light
  • Whistle
  • Waistbelt
  • Soft valise
  • Weighs only 455g (16.8lbs)

    These type 102 Adult Lifejackets provide crew and passengers with emergency flotation.

    They are both UK Civil Aviation Authority and US Federal Aviation Administration approved and carry an EASA 1 certificate.
    Suitable for fixed and rotary wing operations they are extensively used by both civilian and military, major airlines, corporate and general aviation commercial operators worldwide.

    Manufactured from polyurethane proofed nylon fabric they surpass the stringent tests laid down by both the CAA and the FAA. The design provides sufficient buoyancy to force the wearer, even if exhausted or unconscious, into a correct (face upward) flotation position within a matter of seconds and maintain the wearer in this attitude until rescue services arrive.
    This single-chamber passenger lifejacket is yellow in colour and of welded construction.

    As the most lightweight on the market these lifejackets provide the operator with appreciable weight saving costs on everything from wide-body airliners to small helicopters and general aviation aircraft.

    Requiring an overhaul only after 10 years.

    The type 102 Adult Lifejacket comprises the following components:
    Automatic inflation system
    Oral inflation tube
    Water-activated sealight

    Supplied packed in a soft valise to fit a standard stowage or overhead passenger service unit.

    Weighs: 455g (16.8lbs)
    Bouyancy: 16.5kg (35lbs)
    Packed dimensions: 23 x 75 x 100mm (approx.)

    Aerospace Lifejacket

    Buy Aerospace Lifejacket

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