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Microsoft (R) Flight Simulator as a Training Aid
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Microsoft (R) Flight Simulator as a Training Aid

Buy Microsoft (R) Flight Simulator as a Training Aid £24.99 

This unique book & CD enhance the use of Microsoft Flight Simulator for:
  • Student Pilots
  • Certificated Pilots
  • Flight Instructors
  • Virtual Aviators (Flight Sim. Hobbyists)

    'Microsoft Flight Simulator as a Training Aid' by Bruce Williams...
    Microsoft® Flight Simulator has inspired many thousands of young 'gamers' to pursue flight training in real life and has provided certificated pilots with countless hours of entertainment.
    Even though there is an awareness that PC-based simulations and Microsoft Flight Simulator in particular are helpful as aids in flight training and pilot proficiency, for many it is still unclear how best to benefit from the experience of 'virtual flying'.

    Applicable to both Flight Simulator 2004 and Version X, this new book merges the 'virtual world' of flight simulation with 'real life' flight training.
    It is the only book of its kind because it provides specific advice and tools for pilots, flight instructors and students who want to use the world's most popular PC-based flight simulation as an effective, easy-to-use training aid.

    Here's how 'Microsoft Flight Simulator as a Training Aid' helps aviators get the most out of every hour in the air or the virtual skies...

    Student Pilots - can use the information in this book to enhance book-learning, review specific concepts and skills and in preparing for formal flight instruction.

    Certificated Pilots - can complement real-world flying with additional hours in the virtual skies, upgrading flying skills and learning about advanced aircraft and procedures.

    Flight Instructors - will discover new ways to use Flight Simulator as a teaching tool in ground school classes and pre- and post-flight briefings.

    Virtual Aviators (Flight Simulator hobbyists) - will learn more about real-world flying and enhance their enjoyment of virtual flying.

    The 'Microsoft Flight Simulator as a Training Aid' book includes a bonus companion CD with more than 150 VFR and IFR Flights that make it easy to use Microsoft Flight Simulator to practice specific skills, from basic flight maneuvers to instrument approaches.
    The CD also includes reference documents, charts and other tools to transform virtual flying into an inexpensive, flexible and effective learning environment.

    Rod Machado the official flight instructor for Microsoft's Flight Simulator said of 'Microsoft Flight Simulator as a Training Aid'...

    "Bruce Williams takes Flight Simulator to its highest level as a flight training tool. This is a guide for anyone wanting to maximize their real or virtual cockpit experience..."


    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 or Version X
    CD-ROM drive

    Illustrated throughout.
    Soft. 256 pages.

    Buy Microsoft (R) Flight Simulator as a Training Aid

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