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Meteorology DeMystified

Meteorology DeMystified

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'Meteorlogy DeMystified' contains easy to understand information on:
  • Background Physics
  • The Atmosphere
  • Observation and Forecasting
  • Rain and Lightning
  • Tornadoes
  • Tropical Cyclones
  • Winter Weather
  • Abnormal Weather
  • The Past and Future Climate

    Meteorlogy DeMystified by Stan Gibilisco...
    - From showers to hurricanes, from heat waves to global warming, weather and climate are important not only to budding meteorologists but also to those in nearly all fields of aviation.
    Written in an entertaining and informative style 'Meterology DeMystified' provides a complete foundation of essential physical and scientific concepts behind different weather phenomena.
    You learn at your own comfortable pace. Complex topics are described simply, in easy-to-understand terms. In this unique self-teaching guide, learning is continually reinforced and achievement demonstrated. Each chapter ends with a 10-question multiple-choice quiz and a 100-question multiple-choice final exam tests your total understanding of meteorology.

    If you want to master the concepts of meteorology and the techniques of weather prediction, here's the self-teaching course that does the job quickly and thoroughly. It enables you to:
    -Understand the science of air and water...pressure systems and clouds...showers and thunderstorms
    -Explore the formation and evolution of tornadoes, hurricanes, and winter storms
    -Learn what's involved in observation and forecasting
    -Get insights into Earth's past and a prognosis for its future
    -Consider the impact of human activity on climate
    -Take a "final exam" and grade it yourself!

    'Meteorology DeMystified' is a lively and effective way for all aviators to learn about the forces behind weather. It presents a complete explanation of essential physical and scientific concepts before delving into a more detailed look at various weather phenomena.

    Diagrams and line drawings throughout.
    Soft. 323 pages.

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