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Battle of Britain (for CFS3)
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Battle of Britain (for CFS3)

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The summer of 1940 marked Britain's darkest hour. France had fallen. Alone and apparently defenceless, we awaited the onslaught of the Luftwaffe blitzkrieg that would spell the end to the free world's resistance. However, Hitler and his generals hadn't reckoned with the skill and courage of the RAF and for a few desperate weeks Fighter Command held back the German air armada. The victory they earned was truly our finest hour. Now it's time to scramble once again and get airborne in CFS3 -Tally Ho! Includes 40 authentic missions (20 RAF and 20 Luftwaffe) that re-create events on noteworthy days throughout the battle, even down to the correct weather and time. There are scenery improvements to the locations used in the missions and a full suite of special effects is included, featuring searchlights, audible air raid sirens which trigger when you approach a target, bomb flares, smoke effects, realistic tracer fire, AI aircraft involvement and more!

Phenomenally well detailed aircraft with interactive cockpits and state-of-the art animation. Highly accurate and detailed models of: Hawker Hurricane Mk1 two blade, wooden propeller in early BEF colours of 87 Squadron. Hawker Hurricane Mk1 two-blade, two crew "Two-up" Special 87 Squadron. Hawker Hurricane Mk1 three blade, with two texture sets - 56 and 303 (Polish) squadrons. Supermarine Spitfire Mk1A in four sets of textures - 19 Squadron, 610 Squadron, RJ Mitchell tribute aircraft and a "Captured" example in German Markings. Heinkel He111, with two texture sets - Kg 53 and Kg 55. Junkers Ju87B Stuka with two texture sets Stg 41 and Stg 77. Bf109E in four texture sets - JG26, "Wick" (early and later) and JG3. 16 flyable models in total

Buy Battle of Britain (for CFS3)

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