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USA Extreme Landscapes (for FS2004)
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USA Extreme Landscapes (for FS2004)

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So Real - Its Unreal!

Flight Simulator lets you travel to places that many of us only dream about. What better way to visit the USA? From the craggy heights of the Rockies to the plush, green Appalachians and from the majestic Pacific Northwest to the rugged Southwest. And by simply adding USA Extreme Landscapes you'll instantly transform these places into even more magnificent views. Based on Flight Simulator's adaptable elevated mesh terrain technology, Abacus have boosted the detail 15-fold. They have replaced the default elevation data with super refined 38 and 78 meter info. The result is an incredible scenic accuracy bringing the Flight Simulator experience even closer to reality.

What makes this an extreme landscape?
Normally, Flight Simulator elevation info for the US is accurate to about 600 meters. USA Extreme Landscapes boosts the resolution to 38 and 76 meters, delivering up to 15 Times the visual accuracy. Below you'll see how much more detail is revealed when the elevation data points are closer together instead of 600 meters apart. The resulting landscape is modeled even closer to reality and bringing you an incredible visual flight.

Buy USA Extreme Landscapes (for FS2004)

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