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Traffic (for FS2004 & FSX)
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Traffic (for FS2004 & FSX)

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Traffic is the new name for the FSX-compatible version of Traffic 2005.

Traffic is the latest instalment in Just Flight's hugely popular Traffic series, taking AI (Artificial Intelligence) traffic a quantum leap beyond any other traffic program. As well as hordes of aircraft (over 1,200), buckets of airline liveries (over 500) and acres of modified airports (over 1,500) there are some fantastic new tools that put Traffic in a class of its own! Traffic includes a full version of Traffic 2002 for FS2002 users.

AISmooth - a unique new AI traffic approach management feature - has been designed to drastically reduce the number of go-arounds that are performed by AI planes at busy airports and really enhances the authenticity. AISmooth instructs approaching planes to perform holding patterns if they are following the plane in front too closely.

In addition, AISmooth will check the distance and headings of AI planes in the vicinity of your aircraft. If AI planes come too close, are heading in the same general direction and are within an altitude range that suggests you are both established on an approach path, then the AI planes will be instructed to perform holding patterns.

Traffic also includes helicopter traffic - a first for any commercial flight simulation traffic expansion when introduced in Traffic 2005.

Buy Traffic (for FS2004 & FSX)

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