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My Traffic (for FS2004/02)
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My Traffic (for FS2004/02)

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Air Traffic Is Now A Reality!

"Whats that doing there??!!!!" - Has the air traffic been bugging you too? Aircraft with liveries that should not be at this airport, far too many aircraft for a normally quiet airport or more importantly the opposite, not enough aircraft at a large busy airport. This brand new software add-on takes the existing 2000+ airports in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002 and revives them with realistic air traffic. Now the correct aircraft from the correct airlines with the correct ATC-Traffic take-off and landing proceedures at the correct airports are available for FS2002 users with this exciting development.

Integrating with all known existing airport add-on software titles this programme recreates , within the limits of the possibilities of FS2002, the traffic volume of the airports so that they correspond with the actual traffic of the airport in use.

Buy My Traffic (for FS2004/02)

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