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MegaCity USA 2005 Volume 3 - Dallas and Fort Worth
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MegaCity USA 2005 Volume 3 - Dallas and Fort Worth

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The 'MegaCity USA 2005 Volume 3 - Dallas and Fort Worth' features:
  • 3,000 Square Miles (8,000 square kilometers) Area Coverage Of San Francisco and San Francisco Bay
  • Created from 2 foot per pixel aerial photography
  • Includes AutoGen Scenery 2 Scenery products in one with Day Scenery and Night Scenery
  • 30 meter terrain mesh Integrates seamlessly with and enhances MegaScenery Vol 3: Northern California
  • Displays in all 4 seasons (Windows XP/NTFS systems)
  • Default buildings relocated to correct geographical locations.

    Hi-Res Photorealistic Scenery For San Franciso Bay Area

    MegaCITY USA - San Francisco puts you in the Flight Simulator skies above the Complete Bay of the san Francisco Area, as with all MegaScenery/MegaCity titles, lets you experience flight at a level of realism that you've previously only imagined. MegaCity San Francisco focuses in on San Francisco Bay and lets you clearly see "everything" in the city below you from the vantage point of your own cockpit - right down to individual rooftops and individual trees on golf courses.

    MegaCity San Francisco lets you explore, from your cockpit, all the names and places you know "the bay": San Franciso Bay Oakland Montara Mountains Half Moon Bay San Jose Concorde Daly City Golden Gate Alcatraz San Andreas Fault Line And EVERYTHING ELSE you'd see from the real skies including every highway, street, golf course, waterway - EVERYTHING!

    Again - since it's from the creators of MegaScenery - you don't just get the day scenery. Watch the entire city come to life at night as MegaScenery's Night Scenery technology lights up every single light emitting source in the entire metropolis for night scenery whose realism is simply unsurpassed by any scenery product anywhere. Check out the screenshots to see just an Francisco looks at night. The hilly terrain that underlies the city is displayed with added clarity with the 30 meter terrain mesh that underlies the scenery.

    Buy MegaCity USA 2005 Volume 3 - Dallas and Fort Worth

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