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MegaCity USA 2005 Volume 2 - Denver (for FS2004)
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MegaCity USA 2005 Volume 2 - Denver (for FS2004)

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The 'MegaCity USA 2005 Volume 2 - Denver' features:
  • 3,600 Square Miles (9,200 square kilometers) Area Coverage Of Denver, Colorado and surrounding farmlands and mountains.
  • Created from 1 foot per pixel aerial photography
  • Includes AutoGen Scenery 3 Scenery products in one with Day Scenery, Night Scenery, and Winter Scenery. 30 meter terrain mesh
  • Displays in all 4 seasons (Windows XP/NTFS systems)
  • Default buildings relocated to correct geographical locations.

    Hi-res photorealistic scenery for Denver, and Colarado area.

    MegaCITY USA - DENVER puts you in the Flight Simulator skies above the "Mile High City" Denver, Colorado and, as with all MegaScenery/MegaCity titles, lets you experience flight at a level of realism that you've previously only imagined. Soar the flight simulator skies above the "MILE HIGH CITY" - Denver, Colorado - and a huge chunk of surrounding farmland and mountains recreated from high resolution aerial photography. Witness some spectacular Denver city and Rocky Mountain scenery from the vantage point of your cockpit in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. MegaCity Technology brings out the finest real-world detail in the city down to the level of you being able to discern individual rooftops on houses, every street in the city and even sand traps on golf courses.

    At 5,200 feet Denver is the "Mile High City". When flying VFR in a light single, you're already challenged as your take off and landing performance is reduced due to the altitude.

    Add to that the real cityscape beneath you and the Rocky Mountains to the west and you've got yourself the challenge of Denver - a real Denver - to enjoy and explore in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. MegaCITY Denver is created from 1 foot per pixel high-resolution colored aerial photography and gives you a visual flight experience above this modern "Rocky Mountain" metropolis in FS2004 that parallels a real-life visual flight experience. You clearly see "everything" in the city below you from the vantage point of your own cockpit - right down to individual rooftops and individual trees on golf courses.

    The Rocky Mountains commence their formation to the west of the city and add to the thrilling experience of flight above this "mile-high" city. To the east of the city is Denver International airport - which due to its central location is one of the biggest and busiest hub airports in the USA. It's situated on 34,000 acres and ranks as the 5th busiest airport in the USA and 10th busiest in the world with around 1600 arrivals and departures per day. Sure you can already experience Denver International in default FS2004 but it's just not the same as when you add 3600 square miles of REAL DENVER SUBURBIA around it. This is the ONLY way to feel that you're actually flying in Denver.

    Buy MegaCity USA 2005 Volume 2 - Denver (for FS2004)

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