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MegaCity USA 2005 Volume 1 - Dallas and Fort Worth (for FS2004)
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MegaCity USA 2005 Volume 1 - Dallas and Fort Worth (for FS2004)

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Welcome To The Lone Star State. Welcome To TEXAS

Dallas is a modern, expansive, and thriving twin city metroplex over 4,000 square miles in size that continues to grow at a phenomenal rate but at the same time maintaining that home-town feeling of hospitality that Texas is famous for. It's home of the 6th busiest airport in the world - DFW International - along with 100 other international, general aviation and private airports in the area. Recreated from 1 foot aerial photographs, you get to experience Flight Simulator 2004 Scenery at its most realistic level possible today... This is MegaCITY USA 2005 - Dallas/Fort Worth. Come and explore the busy Dallas/Fort Worth skies.... both day and night, IFR and VFR.... come and see why everything is bigger in Texas!

MegaCITY USA 2005 - Dallas/Fort Worth

This puts you in the skies above the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex at a level of realism that you've never seen it before in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It's created by taking 1 foot per pixel aerial photographs and placing them into Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. You're not seeing a synthetic world. No, you're flying over an actual image of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and well.... it's so real, you may as well consider that you're actually there. Every.... highway, road, interchange, street, house, factory, warehouse, mall, stadium, ball field, golf course, sand trap, playground, river, stream.... (get the picture?) everything is visible and identifiable from your Flight Simulator skies... as if you were actually there flying over the skies above Dallas/Fort Worth.

A Thriving, Busy, Modern Twin City Metroplex Dallas/Fort Worth is one pretty spectacular city to experience from the air (both simulated and real). An incredible highway system with literally dozens of multi-lane highways and interstates creating a network of roads that is spectacular to see from the skies.... and yes... you can even see the vehicles that are on them. New modern neighborhoods that are built almost "sim-city" style and where you can identify every individual rooftop. Yes, it's flat... but there's no desert here... it's rich green most of the year round and it's a thriving, modern and exciting metropolis that you'll only ever find in Texas.

Buy MegaCity USA 2005 Volume 1 - Dallas and Fort Worth (for FS2004)

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