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German Airports 1
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German Airports 1

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The airports in German Airports 1:
  • Munich
  • Augsburg
  • Friedrichshafen
  • Stuttgart
  • Egelsbach (largest general aviation airport of Europe)
  • Nurnberg
  • Bayreuth
  • Dresden
  • PLUS two bonus airports: Innsbruck and Altenrhein (Switzerland).

    Featuring 10 highly realsitic airports with XL Jeppesen Charts

    See the most detailed airports for MS Flight Simulator. For this flight simulation eight airports of southern Germany as well as the airports of Innsbruck and Altenrhein have been realistically recreated. Awesome night-time effects, dynamic ground traffic and a large variety of typical objects form a impresse simulation of the airport's atmosphere. Scenery effects, the AGNIS docking systems and moving docking bridges are the superb highlights of this package.

    German Airports 1 is AI-Traffic compatible, contains a printed manual and extra-large printed JEPPESEN-Charts This is a completely reworked version. All airports will contain the latest buildings and are represented using the latest technologies in scenery design. Also the authors took care of framerates and realistic approaches.

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