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Pilot PA 400-3BL Intercom

Pilot PA 400-3BL Intercom

Buy Pilot PA 400-3BL Intercom £147.00 

The 'Pilot PA 400-3BL Intercom' features:
  • On / Off volume control
  • Pilot isolate switch
  • MusicIn / Record out Jacks
  • Back lit Panel
  • Fail-Safe capabilty
  • Powerd by two 9v batteries
  • Auxiliary power cord adapter

    Intercom contains a 3 way control switch, PILOT-ALL-CREW, for enhanced cockpit communications. Seperate volume controls for pilot and crew. The Pilot PA400-3BL has increased audio levels along with auto power shut off if the pilots headset is disengaged.

    Buy Pilot PA 400-3BL Intercom

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