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Pilot PA 11-60 Headset

Pilot PA 11-60 Headset

Buy Pilot PA 11-60 Headset £117.00 

The 'Pilot PA 11-60 Headset' features:
  • Mono/Stereo capability
  • PA7 noise cancelling microphone
  • PA10 Mic windscreen
  • Ratcheting mic boom adjustment
  • Chrome PJ-055/PJ-068 plugs
  • Individual ear volume adjustment
  • Weighs 15.5 oz (439g)

    This headset eliminates any need to compromise.

    Everything you want in a headset, comfort, able to be used with a stereo intercom and individual ear volume controls for perfect audio adjustment.

    Buy Pilot PA 11-60 Headset

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