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Essential Physics Part 2. Force, Motion, Energy & Astronomy
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Essential Physics Part 2. Force, Motion, Energy & Astronomy

Buy Essential Physics Part 2. Force, Motion, Energy & Astronomy £25.95 

Offers 25 multi-media rich lessons including:
  • Velocity & acceleration
  • Resultant force & work done
  • Kinetic & potential energy
  • Springs & stress
  • Pressure
  • Friction
  • Balance & moments
  • Impulse & momentum
  • Collisions & crumple zones
  • Circular motion
  • The Earth & the Solar System
  • Natural & man-made satellites
  • The life of a star
  • The origins of the universe

    This 'Essential Physics' CD covering Force, Motion, Energy and Astronomy provides excellent preparation for private and professional pilot ground school studies.

    It is an 'easy learning' CD that is part of a series designed to give you the grounding you'll need before embarking on the course.
    It constitutes a self-teach course from which you will learn the foundations of Physics in a more enjoyable, effective and efficient way than has ever been possible using traditional learning methods.

    Continuing on from 'Essential Physics Part 1' (linked below) it offers a basic understanding of these essential topics in the form of 25 multimedia rich lessons, narrated in clear concise English and supported by vivid graphics and animations. It's innovative teaching software enables students to grasp even the most difficult concepts, quickly and efficiently. So don't worry if you've forgotten it from school days, or never even learnt any of it - it's all here now!

    All of the key topics are built up logically and clearly, starting from the very beginning, ensuring that both novice and advanced students alike can benefit from this course.

    'Essential Physics Part 2' begins by introducing you to the concepts of velocity and acceleration and then moves on to teach you the fundamental concepts of Force, Work and Energy which underlie and explain most of the physical events which take place around us on Planet Earth, such as why objects fall to the ground, how vehicles are made to move and brought to rest, how tools and machinery make work easier for us and so on.

    Finally, you will learn the basics of Astronomy, beginning with a brief explanation of the Earth's position in the Universe, a voyage through the Solar System and concluding with a fascinating insight into the birth and death of stars.
    Familiarity with the concepts taught in Essential Physics Part 2 will also help you understand what is going on around you in everyday life.

    The general level attained in the topics covered in this CD is approximately equivalent to that of Higher Level GCSE; though in some topics, that level is surpassed.

    Provides excellent preparation for professional pilot ground school studies.

    Contains worked examples and over 200 self-test questions.

    Essential Physics Part 2. Force, Motion, Energy & Astronomy

    Buy Essential Physics Part 2. Force, Motion, Energy & Astronomy

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