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CH Pedals, Yoke & Flight Simulator X DeLuxe package
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CH Pedals, Yoke & Flight Simulator X DeLuxe package

Buy CH Pedals, Yoke & Flight Simulator X DeLuxe package £238.50 

This hardware & software package' comprises:
  • CH Flight Simulator Yoke
  • CH Professional Pedals
  • Flight Simulator X DeLuxe programme
  • FREE RT Double CD pack

    The CH Pedals, Yoke and Microsoft Flight Simulator X DeLuxe package is a combination offer that will enable you to get going to practice general and specific handling and instrument flying procedures at home or in the office and not be weather dependent!

    With the CH USB Flight Sim Yoke and Pedals regarded as the 'King' of flight simulator controls, together with the renowned Microsoft Flight Simulator X DeLuxe programme and a free Radio Telephony Double CD package for learning real Radio Telephony procedures to complement flight simulation skills, this package provides all you will need to get flying quickly.

    The 'CH USB Yoke' features:
    Windows 98/2000/XP ME, iMac, or Mac (with USB port*) compatible.
    New ergonomic designed yoke movement without a center detent allowing the ultimate in control.
    5 axis of control including, pitch, roll, throttle lever, propeller lever, and mixture lever.
    20 button functions including, 2-way gear switch, 2-way flaps switch, 8-way hat switch, two 2-way rocker switches, and 4 push buttons.
    Precision adjustment wheel for precise electronic centering.
    7 foot cable: easy setup.
    USB provides true Plug & Play and greater speed and accuracy.
    Compatability with the CH USB Pro Pedals

    The 'CH USB Pedals' features:
    Compatiblity with Windows 98/2000/XP ME, iMac, and MacOS 10.02 (with USB port*) Mac 8.6 - 9.1 also requires Input Sprockets 1.7x.
    Sliding motion of forward/backward gives rudder input for the "yaw" axis.
    Heel-toe motion gives differential toe braking control.
    Three axis of control
    Plane or car simulator control
    Seven foot cable
    USB interface
    Toe Brakes tested and fully functional in the "Fly!" flight simulator (PC Version), Microsoft Flight Sim 2000, 2002, 2004 & X.

    'Microsoft Flight Simulator X DeLuxe' offers:
    The standard in flight simulation all other manufacturers aspire to plus:
    38 Detailed cities
    65 Structured missions
    Glass panel (G10) cockpit
    Total realism
    High definition graphics
    Worldwide scenery
    Dozens of new aircraft
    Dynamic weather systems
    Online gameplay
    Interactive airports
    Improved full colour mapping & terrain
    IFR training panels
    New flight lessons & ground school
    Vital guide to features within programme

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