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How to Win at Aptitude Tests

How to Win at Aptitude Tests

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'How to Win at Aptitude Tests' covers:
  • Verbal testing
  • Non verbal testing
  • Spatial testing
  • Numerical testing
  • General knowledge
  • Reasoning
  • Recognising patterns
  • Correcting mistakes
  • Tips on speeding through a test

    'How to Win at Aptitude' Tests by Ian Maitland.
    'Aptitude tests', also known as 'IQ or Psychometric tests', are increasingly being used to test applicants for aviation jobs, sponsorships and academic courses.
    This practical book provides examples of the types of tests you are likely to encounter, with explanations, hints and tips for completing them successfully.
    It includes: 'Verbal', 'Non Verbal', 'Spatial' and 'Numerical' tests, 'General Knowledge and Reasoning', 'Recognising Patterns' and 'Correcting Mistakes' plus 'Tips on How to Speed Through a Test'.
    This is an essential aid for anyone faced with an aptitude or psychometric test and will bring you the added confidence you need to succeed.
    It should be seriously considered prior to applying for an aviation sponsorship or airline employment.
    Line drawings throughout.
    Soft. 160 pages.

    Buy How to Win at Aptitude Tests

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