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'Night Qualification' multi-media CD-ROM
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'Night Qualification' multi-media CD-ROM

Buy 'Night Qualification' multi-media CD-ROM £49.50 

The 'Night Qualification' multi-media CD-ROM contains lessons & instruction on:
  • Night Vision
  • Instrument Flying
  • Aircraft Lighting
  • Airfield Lighting
  • Pre-Start, Engine Start & Taxying
  • Night Circuits
  • Night Navigation
  • Night Emergencies

    This multi-media course on CD-ROM aims to provide the private pilot with a complete training course for the JAA Night Qualification.

    To qualify for the JAA Night Qualification the holder of a PPL does not have to take any tests, but must provide the CAA with evidence that the required training has been undertaken. This consists of 5 hours of dual and solo flying, at night, both in the circuit and on a navigation exercise.

    This multi-media CD-ROM covers revision of basic instrument flying techniques and reminds the student of the physiological aspects of night flying, particularly the limitations of the human eye in low light conditions.

    It then moves on to describe aircraft lighting, both internal and external, as required by the Air Navigation Order, followed by a detailed briefing on airfield lighting for both general aviation airfields and larger commercial airports.

    The final lessons deal with the night flight itself.
    Firstly, you will be taken through circuits and landings at night, concentrating on those phases of flight which require sole reference to instruments and on the care required with use of in-cockpit lighting and electrical systems.

    The course concludes with a lesson on night navigation, paying particular attention to emergencies specific to night flying.

    Minimum recommended PC specification:
    Windows(98, ME, 2000, XP), 550 MHz CPU, 128 Mb RAM, 4x CD-ROM Drive, Windows compatible sound card

    Recommended PC specification:
    Windows XP, 700 MHz CPU, 256 Mb RAM, 12x CD-ROM Drive, Windows compatible sound card

    Buy 'Night Qualification' multi-media CD-ROM

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