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The Basic Manoeuvres Pilot Training DVD
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The Basic Manoeuvres Pilot Training DVD

Buy The Basic Manoeuvres Pilot Training DVD £29.50 

The 'Basic Manoeuvres Pilot Training DVD' offers:
  • Clear English language commentary
  • JAA PPL Syllabus coverage
  • Effects of Controls
  • Straight & Level Flight
  • Slow Flight
  • Climbing
  • Turning
  • Descending
  • Aerobatics demonstration

    The 'Basic Manoeuvres Pilot Training DVD' offers a unique training experience featuring in depth tuition from the experts.
    Written by Ron Campbell a former chairman of the UK Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, it will teach you the basics of light aircraft piloting with step by step guidance.

    This instructional programme has been professionally filmed using standard training aircraft and utilising shots from within the cockpit and outside.
    It has an easy to understand English language commentary and is divided into chapter points for instant access to the instruction you need.
    Covering exercises within the JAA Private Pilot Licence syllabus including: Effects of Controls (and the use of throttle, flap & trim), Straight & Level Flight, Slow Flight (just above stall speed), Climbing (with pitch correction), Turning and Descending.

    Additionally there is an aerobatics demonstration of sheer excitment with loops, rolls and spins to give you a taste of the ultimate pilot achievment!

    Anyone learning to fly will benefit from the instruction within this programme and find the mastering of Basic Manoeuvres in the air easier to achieve.

    Running time 50 minutes. PAL 4:3 format. English narration.

    Buy The Basic Manoeuvres Pilot Training DVD

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