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Aircraft Wheel Chocks (pair)
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Aircraft Wheel Chocks (pair)

Buy Aircraft Wheel Chocks (pair) £27.95 

Each pair of 'Aircraft Wheel Chocks' are:
  • Lightweight - only 2lbs
  • Easy to handle, position & carry
  • Connected by high visibility nylon rope
  • Suitable for any size aircraft tyre

    Supplied as a pair these black moulded plastic wheel chocks will keep the aircraft securely parked.
    Connected by a high visibility 22" yellow and black braided nylon rope that won't rot or retain water.
    Bottom studs keep the aircraft securely parked and the concave design fits any aircraft tyre.

    Easy to carry in the aircraft or flight bag and weighing only 2lbs.

    One pair is required for each wheel.

    Buy Aircraft Wheel Chocks (pair)

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