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'Fly-Safe' Aircrew Life Jacket
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'Fly-Safe' Aircrew Life Jacket

Buy 'Fly-Safe' Aircrew Life Jacket £78.00 

The 'Fly-Safe' Aircrew Life Jacket offers features such as:
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Unobtrusive in the cockpit
  • Slim-line 'yoke' style
  • Contained within a sturdy blue valise
  • Weighs only 0.8kg
  • Manual activated inflation
  • Manual 'top-up'
  • High strength quick fastening harness
  • Fitted with whistle
  • Fitted with water activated recognition light
  • Provides 150 newtons of buoyancy
  • CE approved

    This 'Fly-Safe' Life Jacket has been designed to suit light aircrew crew and passengers and is suitable for adults over 30kg and up to 125cm chest/waist size.
    Weighing only 0.6kg, it can be donned like a waistocoat, is of slimline 'yoke' style and unobtrusive to wear in the cockpit.
    The automatic inflation life-jacket is contained within a blue, sturdy cordura fabric valise for protection. The valise rapidly and automatically opens when the high visibility inflation toggle is pullled.
    When inflated the standard airline-style life jacket will hold the head and body upright to facilitate breathing when in the water.
    The high strength harness quickly secures at the front with a rapid-clip buckle.
    For additional safety a manual top up valve, whistle and water activated light are also fitted.
    Provides 150 newtons of buoyancy.
    CE approved to EN 396.


    'Fly-Safe' Aircrew Life Jacket
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    'Fly-Safe' Aircrew Life Jacket
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    'Fly-Safe' Aircrew Life Jacket
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    Buy 'Fly-Safe' Aircrew Life Jacket

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