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VFR Trip Kit Organiser

VFR Trip Kit Organiser

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The VFR Trip Kit Organiser has:
  • Rigid plastic binder
  • Spring opening ring binder
  • 15 reinforced plastic wallets
  • Easy access & removal of airport plates
  • Wallets can be attached to pilots board

    This is a 15 transparent wallet loose leaf 'VFR Trip Kit Organiser' that retains selected aerodrome charts from the Trip Kit or main Bottlang Manual.
    You can quickly glance up to 30 aerodrome/airport plates (backed up) in the clear plastic wallets contained in this 25mm ring binder.
    The wallets can be easily removed for closer inspection or to place in your yoke clip or pilots board.

    Use of this Trip Kit Organiser with the loose leaf pages supplied in a VFR Trip Kit makes referral and handling much easier.

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    The 'VFR Trip Kit Organiser' is ideal to use with:
    VFR Trip Kits (by Country) for Europe
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