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4 Person Liferaft
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4 Person Liferaft

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Essential features of this liferaft include:
  • Smallest life-raft package on the market for general aviation
  • Easy deployment by women, children or exhausted crew
  • Fitted with buoyancy tube & deck life-lines
  • CO2 automatic inflation system operating in 10 seconds
  • Boarding handles, retaining line and hand pump
  • Soft-pack valise with secure nylon velcro closures
  • Constructed of heavy-duty FAA approved neoprene
  • High visibility orange canopy
  • Aluminium cylinders and valves to eliminate corrosion
  • Built to last a lifetime with proper care

    This is an excellent value liferaft which fits into a compact valise of 4" x 12" x 14" and weighing only 14lbs.
    Each raft comprises a buoyancy tube, deck, life-lines, boarding handles, CO2 automatic inflation system, retaining line, hand pump, bailing bucket, sea anchor, canopy and valise.
    The inflated raft provides freshwater buoyancy of 190 lbs per person and a deck area of 3.6 sq. ft. per person.
    Raft materials and components have been carefully selected to provide for reliability, extended life and reduced service cost. Buoyancy tubes and decks are constructed of tough, heavy-duty neoprene coated nylon and canopies are made from high visibility orange compound coated nylon to aid in search and rescue operations. All life-line, retaining line and handle webbing are of strong, durable 100% nylon.
    The raft valise is manufactured from almost indestructible vinyl coated nylon with velcro closures.
    Each raft is pressure tested and all seams and adhesive bonds thoroughly checked prior to issue.
    This is the lightest and smallest life-raft package for general aviation use on the market today specifically designed for private pilots use.

    4 Person Liferaft

    Buy 4 Person Liferaft

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