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Emirates Interview Package
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Emirates Interview Package

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This package offers a financial saving and the best combination of techniques and knowledge to pass your critical Emirates Interview.
It combines the 'Preparing for Your Emirates Interview' & 'Handling the Big Jets' books.

'Preparing For Your Emirates Interview'...
- designed to be a concise source of information for the pilot wanting a flying career with Emirates.
Much of the information has been obtained from successful applicants who now work for Emirates.
It covers the recruitment procedures, employment processes, minimum qualifications for direct entry first officers, the Emirates selection process, general interview techniques, tecnical quizzes, medical requirements, psychological exams, group exercises, simulator evaluation, facts about Emirates and an overview of the Boeing 777.
Important personnel and fleet details are also covered.
This is a publication that will be of great help and interest not only for the hopeful Cathay Pacific pilot but for all career ambitious professional pilots.
Spiral. 46 pages.

'Handling the Big Jets'...
- offers an explanation of the significant differences in flying qualities between jet and piston engine transport aeroplanes.
It was an immediate success when it was first published because it removed many of the mysteries which had previously surrounded the flying qualities of big jets.
Written by a former chief test pilot of the United Kingdom Airworthiness Authority it is an invaluable work of reference for all pilots, engineers and enthusiasts.
Flight International Magazine reviewed 'Handling the Big Jets' thus: "this is no dry textbook. It is a tremendous, but notably readable, vade-mecum of jet transport flying qualities and design characteristics intended primarily for pilots who have yet to make the transition to jets, but which is packed with information of value to the most experienced of jet captains."
This book can truly be described as "the best of its kind in the world".
Packed with photographs, line drawings, tables and graphs.
This edition includes chapters on the Boeing 747 and asymetric flight as well as as up-to-date revisions to the text.
Hard. 324 pages.

Buy Emirates Interview Package

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