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'Absolute Altitude - A Hitch Hikers Guide to the Sky'
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'Absolute Altitude - A Hitch Hikers Guide to the Sky'

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'Absolute Altitude - A Hitch Hikers Guide to the Sky'
  • Written by a BBC foreign correspondent
  • Published to rave reviews
  • Written by a 'born storyteller'
  • Makes a perfect gift for a friend or yourself!

    'Absolute Altitude - A hitch-hikers guide to the sky' by Martin Buckley
    In the year of the Wright Brothers centenary, 'Absolute Altitude' captures the high romance of aviation. The author grew up near Farnborough, the heart of English aviation and was always fascinated by flight. After acquiring a pilot's licence he set off to 'hitch-hike' by aeroplane around the world. The result is a stylish and often hilarious travel book, offering intimate insights into the thrills and perils of the pilot's seat - from a UN Cessna flying aid into a war zone, to aerobatics in a jet fighter, from chasing mountain goats through snowy mountains by helicopter, to touching the edge of the stratosphere in a Learjet.
    In this exciting and unusual travel book, Martin Buckley journeys through many places, from Benbecula to Rarotonga, from Sudan to New Zealand, from Corsica to Cape Tuscon, Arizona - but the country that he explores is a romantic and dangerous place that seduces all who travel there - the sky.
    Woven through the narrative is a panorama of aviation history - the Chinese businessman who strapped madmen to giant kites in the hope of predicting the vagaries of the wind: the eccentric Yorkshire genius who in 1799, alone and unaided, invented the modern aeroplane; the WW1 aces whose dogfights in primitive aircraft became the modern sport of aerobatics; the technological revolution tht could make 'personal planes' as common in the mid-21st century as family cars are today.
    The experience of flight is overwhelmingly physical, but also intellectual, emotional and spiritual.
    Flying, Buckley discovers, takes huge concentration - but it gives back magic.
    Soft. 274 pages.

    Buy 'Absolute Altitude - A Hitch Hikers Guide to the Sky'

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