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CP-R Rotating Plotter
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CP-R Rotating Plotter

Buy CP-R Rotating Plotter £14.99 

  • Maufactured in clear durable Lexan
  • With a non-slip rotating protractor
  • Printed with 1:500,000 & 1:1:000,000 scales
  • Printed with Nautical - Statute conversion scale

    To simplify route planning on your chart this Rotating Plotter gives an immediate heading and distance in one simple function.
    Simply align the clearly printed course arrow on the plotter with your proposed track and read the heading to steer (zero wind) and the distance to fly.
    It features Nautical Miles on the front side in 1:500,000 and 1:1000,000 scales and Statute Miles on the reverse.
    A 'Nautical-Statute' conversion scale is also included.
    This Rotating Plotter can also be used as a conventional chart measuring scale in 1:500,000 and 1:1000,000 scales.
    Clearly printed and manufactured in clear, durable and flexible Lexan which won't melt, warp or break in extreme temperatures.

    Buy CP-R Rotating Plotter

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