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VFR Photographic Scenery - England & Wales 'Generation X' (for FSX)

VFR Photographic Scenery - England & Wales 'Generation X' (for FSX)

Available in three UK coverage areas:

    By replacing the representative scenery for England and Wales (provided by Microsoft) with real aerial photography, 'VFR Photographic Scenery' displays the tranquil beauty of England and Wales from the sky in your simulator, allowing you to take in a completely new perspective of the country at a fraction of the cost of flying.

    You can now enjoy unsurpassed detail from the White Cliffs of Dover to the Scottish border in this astonishing photographic scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

    As well as providing captivating scenery to explore, watching the real world go by your virtual cockpit window also gives you a unique opportunity to use Flight Simulator for learning/practising many aspects of flying in the real world.

    'VFR Generation X Photographic Scenery' is comprised of 3 Volumes, each containing 3 dual layer DVDs of:

    Ultra-High Definition Photographic Scenery...
    You can now fly lower than ever before... 16 x more detailed photography than the Award Winning VFR Photographic Scenery for Microsoft FS2004 (1.2m/pixel countrywide).

    Unparalleled Terrain Detail...
    Minute topographic detail showing every lump and bump in England & Wales. 4 x more detailed terrain than even VFR Terrain, utilising the most detailed and accurate terrain survey ever undertaken for the UK (10m mesh).

    Night Lighting...
    VFR Generation X includes custom night lighting that gives you incredible scenery to enjoy even at night. VFR Generation X uses Horizon's new texture based night lighting for best performance and visual appeal.

    Enhanced Performance...
    Smooth frame rates with crisp, sharp photographic scenery - VFR Generation X has been specifically designed to optimise performance and reduce the effects of blurry scenery textures even on lower spec systems.

    Unbelievable views from your virtual cockpit...
    You won't believe your eyes as you take off from your local airport and fly over your home town for the first time!
    The photographic scenery is generated from aerial photography at 25cm resolution and is displayed at c. 5m/pixel ­ the maximum resolution permissible in FSX. With exclusive use of Getmapping's aerial photography, VFR Photographic Scenery is the only add-on which can offer you such detail.

    Explore England & Wales...
    Most of the beauty of England and Wales is hidden behind the hedges and walls that line our highways and byways. As such, it's not until one actually takes to the skies for a bird's eye view that they can say they really know England & Wales. VFR Photographic Scenery now lets you soar the skies free from air traffic control on your home computer and experience thrills normally reserved exclusively for the wealthy and the feathered!

    Practice VFR Navigation......
    If you're studying for, or already hold a private pilot's licence, FSX and VFR Photographic Scenery is one of the most cost effective ways of practicing VFR (Visual Flight Rules) Navigation.
    With every road, river, railway line, and landmark in the coverage area accurately and recognisably depicted in photographic detail, you can identify features on maps and charts to help you navigate cross country flights all over England & Wales.

    Fly Reconnaissance Before Taking To The Skies...
    If you're planning a cross-country flight over an area you've never flown, VFR Photographic Scenery allows you to fly the exact route (in your preferred weather conditions) and collect Visual Reference Points (VRPs) which you can use to plot your course when flying for real.

    Aerial Photography, Not Satellite Imagery...
    VFR Photographic Scenery is created from survey quality, highly detailed aerial photography - simply the best data available.
    Whilst satellites may be the 'technology of the future', they inevitably suffer from the limitations that such altitude brings to image acquisition. Often this results in a relative lack of detail (resolution) and poor representation of colours.
    Being acquired from an aeroplane flying at c. 5,500 AGL, in the best possible light and weather conditions, Getmapping's Millennium Map(TM) is the perfect source data of England & Wales for uses in flight simulation ­ giving you the views that the pilots of the survey aircraft would have seen on their acquisition sorties.

    VFR Photographic Scenery - England & Wales (for FSX) is available in three coverage areas detailed on the map below:




    Minimum System Requirements:
    Software: Microsoft FSX
    Operating System: Windows XP(SP2)/Vista
    Processor: 1.5 GHz
    RAM; 512 MB(XP)/1024 MB(Vista)
    Graphics Card: 64 MB
    Hard Disk Space: 6 GB (for 2.4m/pix scenery)
    Graphics Drivers; DirectX 9.0c
    Mulitmedia Drive: DVD

    Recommended System Requirements:
    Software: Microsoft FSX
    Operating System: Windows XP(SP2)
    Processor: 2.0+ GHz
    RAM: 1024 MB
    Graphics Card: 128+ MB
    Hard Disk Space: 22 GB (for 1.2m/pix scenery)
    Graphics Drivers; DirectX 9.0c (Shader Model 2.0)
    Mulitmedia Drive: DVD

    Please choose the coverage required from the options detailed below:
    (Quantity of each CD can be selected on the checkout screen when placing your order after clicking 'Buy Item' button).

    VFR Photographic Scenery - England & Wales 'Generation X' (for FSX)
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    VFR Photographic Scenery - England & Wales 'Generation X' (for FSX)
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    VFR Photographic Scenery - England & Wales 'Generation X' (for FSX)
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    Please choose from the options below:

    Description Price Qty
    SOUTHERN ENGLAND & SOUTH WALES (700004) £28.50 Buy VFR Photographic Scenery - England & Wales 'Generation X' (for FSX)
    CENTRAL ENGLAND & MID WALES (700014) £28.50 Buy VFR Photographic Scenery - England & Wales 'Generation X' (for FSX)
    NORTHERN ENGLAND & NORTH WALES (700024) £28.50 Buy VFR Photographic Scenery - England & Wales 'Generation X' (for FSX)

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